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The art of design lies in transforming the way you want to live your life, into a beautiful and functional space. We get to know our clients, learn their habits, and the way they work and live, in order to create a space that will ultimately improve and enrich their lives. Many people are surprised how much furniture placement, a functional kitchen layout or the finishes of their home can create a mood that impacts their life.



Heather Pira 

After completing two degrees – Bachelor of Architecture History & Theory and Bachelor of Applied Arts - Interior Design, Heather started her career in Calgary, Alberta, working for a custom design firm. She quickly learned the custom home design process and fell in love. Since returning to Ottawa in 2010, Heather worked primarily in new home construction. After over a decade, she has designed hundreds of homes from start to finish, from floor plan sketches all the way to the decoration and staging, including three Ottawa Home Builder's Homes of the year award winners. Although she has primarily worked designing homes from scratch, her passion a renovation. After renovating her personal home in 2015, she has worked with many homeowners to make their own spaces more functional, enjoyable and of course beautiful. 


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